Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belle and Sebastian — Write About Love

Before we get started, I should just say that sometimes music is just good to the point that it cannot be articulated properly in text. Instead of sitting here talking all kinds of profanities and vague terms, I will instead make this one of my laziest reviews ever.

It kicks ass. Plain and simple. It's the band's best record since the Boy With the Arab Strap and their first album of all new material since that album that has come close to articulating why they are one of the groups that has earned their praise in the post-grunge music world. I love this band and this new album has just reiterated why permanently for me.

Pure, honest pop from one of the latter day gurus of the style.

Surely, if you're in tune to anything remotely "indie" on the internet, you've heard the album's title track —which is also one of the band's best songs in years— but I'm more concerned with "Come On Sister." Check out the lyrics:

Granted, that's just text on a screen. When Stuart sings it, it nearly aches it's so awesome.

Just... wow.

I guess it's left me speechless.

It's pretty dern good.