Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorites of 2014

Hey there—

Nope, not dead (sorry to disappoint to those fearsome few).  Just took a long break.  In case you were wondering what I've been doing (you probably haven't, but I'm going to tell you anyway), I was trying to complete fifty two recorded songs in fifty two weeks over on my Bandcamp page.  Well, I was successful.  Here are the results, should you choose to subject yourself to such a thing as me making music.

Back to the point at hand: as I do always around this season, I've compiled and uploaded a podcast of my favorite music released this year.  The tracklist is as follows:

The mix is available to stream here or from the widget below.

A few words to be said, rankings, and just an all around better text wrap-up can be found here.

Please enjoy.

 What's New? and general blog activeness will be making a return in the new year.