Friday, October 17, 2008

Top Five Part Four: Songs Obama Should've Picked

Let's talk some real talk for a minute folks—

I am one of many people that believes this country (the yoo ess aye) is not going in the right direction. I want everyone I know to vote for Barrack Obama. Not only is he the first black presidential candidate ever, he's the best man for the job that has a real chance at winning the vote. I voted for Nader once already; it felt great.... until I saw the election results. Obama is such a calm and collected fellow. He has charisma out the wazoo. And, for the first time since Jimmy Carter, I'm going to feel like like I'm voting for someone smarter than me. It's gonna feel great to vote for him.

So, besides what I feel has been an otherwise great campaign, I would like to correct the one thing that I feel the Obama campaign has botched: a theme song. I present to you: the top five songs Barrack Obama Should Have Picked For His Campaign Theme Song:

#5 — Björk — "Unison"
A peaceful call to arms for republicans... because, at this point, even they know McCain will fuck things up even worse.

#4 — The Field Mice — "Song Six"
Perhaps getting all those would-be women Hillary voters' sympathy? Such a potentially cool move. Way cooler than this.

#3 — Sonic Youth — "Youth Against Facism"
Okay. That would've been unbeliveable and maybe a little too cynical for him. But man, wouldn't you have freaked the eff out if you had heard that prior to an Obama speech?

#2 — Public Enemy — "Fight the Power"
Maybe too obvious of a choice. Maybe too radical of a choice. But man, that would've been so kickass, everytime Barrack came down to the podium, to hear, "19 eightteeeee-NINE the numbah!"

#1 — The Durutti Column — "Better Must Come"
Ever since he introduced the 'Yes we can' tagline, I've thought that this song would've been the perfect accompaniment. Glorious. Magnificent. Triumphant.

Vote Obama, kids.

We need it.


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