Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oscar and Alice

That's Oscar on the left. We adopted him as a rescue adoption from the SPCA in Yuba City last October. He's a pure bred Cairn Terrier (yes, like Toto). They couldn't say for sure, but were pretty convinced that he was from a puppy farm of some awful sort. So, he has warmed up to us over the past year, but he is still very apprehensive about just about anything (except going to the dog park!) and, as is the case with his breed, he loves to just bolt and explore the streets without a leash. He's secretly a big baby and loves to be rubbed on top of his nose.

Alice, on the right, is brand new to the family. She was also a rescue adoption from the High Sierra Animal Rescue up in Portola and was on the list to be put to sleep in the coming weeks. She has Terrier in her in some way, but we are not sure of her exact breed. She seems to have been fed very little, as she is just skin and bones right now. And she was just spayed on the 11th, so she she is especially wary. But she is pure love, as the first thing she did upon meeting me yesterday was lick my hands uncontrollably. A big sweetie.

Look at those two. What an odd couple. An incredibly irresistible odd couple.


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