Sunday, December 13, 2009

The weather outside is frightful.

So I woke up Monday morning to this:

A huge sigh of relief when I heard that school was canceled for the day and I had the day off to shovel and shovel and shovel. We accumulated about five inches of snow over the course of Sunday night and the on/off showers throughout the day Monday. Well, it continued to go on and off all through the week until last night, when it dumped another several inches starting just as the sun was setting and lasting until well into the night.

After a few more hours shoveling this morning, I finally cleared the driveway to my satisfaction:

A quick measurement of the accumulation at the end of the driveway revealed this:

That sort of accumulation is expected up in the mountains and around Lake Tahoe, but we rarely ever see the snow fall heavily enough —and stick around— to accumulate that much.

While shoveling this morning, the sun came out and I snapped these bright shots looking south into the breaking clouds:

We're supposed to see more snow this evening.



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