Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Reno: Eighth Street

If you look at any current street maps of Reno, you'll have a hard time locating West Eighth Street. That's because it currently only runs for one block between Virginia and Sierra streets just north of I-80.

Here is a Google Map of the current West Eighth Street:

View West Eighth Street in a larger map

However, it wasn't always like that, as I see every time I walk to the grocery store:

This is now the intersection of Washington Street and University Terrace (University being old West Eighth Street). This is a four-way stop intersection at the northwest corner of Whitaker Park, roughly six blocks west of the current West Eighth Street. There's only one set of street signs at the intersection, on the east side of Washington Street, across from where the pavement is marked:

Just a little piece of Reno history.

And a bit of food for thought: even things that are literally set in stone may not always be forever.


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