Monday, November 15, 2010

Trembling Blue Stars — Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires/Cicely Tonight_Volume One

Call me lazy, if you will. But here's another very short review.

I had a late night conversation with my wife a person years ago about how certain people we knew personified what certain bands came across like on records. 

I arrived at the realization that I am the Field Mice.

And being that Trembling Blue Stars is basically the revamped Field Mice, I will wholly acknowledge that I cannot judge this band objectively; as, even though I have absolutely nothing to do with them, they speak to me in a very personal way every single time out.

The new album is nothing different. Another round of songs for me to learn, sing and inject into my everyday interactions with everyone I know.

Hell, I've already started quoting the phrase 'The Imperfection of Memory' to coworkers.

And it's rumored that this will be the band's last album. So be it, if so. Bob will never stop being one of the best songwriters ever.

As far as how this new album sounds, well, I guess I'd call it a good combination of 'The Sea is So Quiet' and 'A Statue to Wilde' throwing in a sense of reserved and satisfied calm that Bob's music has never really possessed before now.

In other words, he's as close to perfection as expected, considering his run since Seven Autumn Flowers.

Five fucking stars. No hesitation.

Unbelievably good.


PS — Sorry for the short reviews. Emotional weight of life has been getting to me recently. Expect more fleshed out thoughts in my year end wrap up.

PSS — Rest in Peace, Mum. And others.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mother, Austin. Take care, buddy.

Justin (OKP inpulse)

Austin said...

Actually, it was my grandmother. Everybody just called her, 'Mum.' Don't how or when it started, but it stuck. She was 96.