Friday, May 13, 2011

Starting a new series: What's new?

So, recently on the good ol' Mark Prindle discussion forum, our fearless board administrator accidentally deleted the entire first page of posts from the music discussion board.

On this page was a gargantuan topic entitled 'Recent purchases/acquisitions' in which I had documented every CD or record I had purchased dating back to the board's inception (April of 2010). I eventually started writing short reviews of everything.

As the topic was deleted, so was over a year of my own documentation of my expanding musical library. And part of my own personal memoirs, honestly.

So, I am making sure that never happens again with the start of this series.

The idea is simple: I buy an album, I listen to it a few times, I write a short review. These are not meant to be definitive thoughts on anything. Just quick initial impressions of stuff. As I am a music nerd of the highest order, I buy a lot of stuff and it tracks not only what I'm listening to, but also where my head is at.

So, here we go, the first entry into what will probably be a huge series.

Re-acquisition. Not sure why I dumped this one in the first place, because I've always thought it was (decidedly) better than Marquee Moon (I know; just go easy on me). Even though its best songs are not better than MM's best songs, it hangs together as album infinitely better. Of course, as everybody likes to point out, it's a LOT s.l.o.w.e.r than Marquee Moon. But I like it because it's just almost over-the-top jangly. Just jumpy and slow and loverly. It should be said that the album's two best songs are the last two songs on the original version. 'Ain't that Nothin'' and (especially) 'The Dream's Dream' just kick so much ass. One is the more rockin' Television that everybody loves from Marquee Moon while the other is a slow burning, evolving stream of conscious epic. Maybe that's why everybody rates Marquee Moon over this one so unanimously; because the best stuff is saved for last and nobody really bothered to get that far into it. In any case, the deluxe edition from a few years ago added the awesome title track (which confusingly went unreleased at the time) and it's a great little thing that starts out as a blues rocker, but then ventures off into vintage Television pretty dual guitar land seamlessly and totally convincingly. As the version I bought was the cheaper original CD version without the bonus material, I went ahead and spent the dollar to get the title track on the Amazon digital music store. Criminally underrated album. Love it.


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ithinkihatemy45s said...

It took me over a decade, but I finally came around on "Marquee Moon" not too long ago. Contrary to what I'd long THOUGHT I believed, it turns out that most of it is in fact excellent. Now I'll have to check out "Adventure" next time I see a cheap copy.