Friday, September 2, 2011

Lee Ranaldo — Vancouver Ambients 1-4 (2005)

Here 'tis.

A short slice of what Lee Ranaldo does to please his fans when he's not Sonic Youthing things.

For some reason, we got one of these 33⅓ rpm seven inch EPs in when I worked at Tower. I bought it for the simple reason that it was hand numbered and signed by Lee himself (in pencil no less and obviously, I got number 291). Lee is on guitar, "tapes and edit" on all four tracks, Alan Licht is on guitar and Christian Marclay is on turntables on track three and William Hooker is on drums on track four. It's mostly total skronk musically, and really, more about the actual physical thing than the music being played. Still, part two is just godlike and, I swear to yahweh almighty, it gets stuck in my head sometimes.

A limited edition of 500 copies, pressed on translucent, very very light green vinyl (doubt you'll even be able to tell from the scans, it's so light), this is one for the 2am crowd.


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