Monday, October 29, 2012

A Journey Through the Past

I grew up for the first few years of my life in central Oregon. I always had family there and made visits back often until the remainder of my grandparents passed away about five years ago. The last time I was there was not a very pleasant experience and I've wanted to make a quick trip and see all my old memories and make peace with it for some years.

Here's what happened.

Off on a chilly morning:
There is a tree on 395 between Honey Lake and Alturas that has been draped with shoes for as long as I can remember.  I saw some writing on the tree dated as far back as 1987:
 A panoramic view from the cockpit:
 Ran into a lot of fog on 395 between Honey Lake and Alturas:
NOT A METH LAB!  Subtle:
 Hey, at least they warned us:
This is Captain Jack's Stronghold, just south of Merrill, Oregon.  It's a really unique landform:
Snow on the Willamette pass:
This is the house where my dad lived in Eugene and a shot of the street signs:
This is the hostel on 3rd street where we stayed.  Nice place:
My mom's parents.  They have a nice spot, right by the window:
You are here:
In the middle of Alton Baker park, we spotted this guy.  I think he was just showing off:
The Willamette river looking west and then east:
Enjoying the walk:
Autzen Stadium from the park (this was taken for my mother's enjoyment):
The front entrance to the community garden, also on the path in Alton Baker park:
I went to look in the Aztec Camera section at Skip's Record and CD World, but found a Jon Hassell album misfiled there.  That's almost creepy; like they knew I was coming:
Ghost me, waiting for some fish and chips at Newman's:
 The locomotive in Avery park in Corvallis:
The old Benton County college building in Philomath:
My dad's dad's bed:
Looking out on the yard at my dad's parents' property outside of Philomath.  My aunt lives there now with my uncle and two cats:
The east bridge going over the creek:
The view of the backyard from the other side of the creek:
An apple tree on the southwest side of the property:
The sunuvabitch that got me:
My aunt's cat Milo trying to make a diagnosis.  The look on his face is priceless.  "I don't know how to tell you this, but... you've been stung by a yellow jacket.":
Having a plate of fish and chips and a pint at the Pelican Brewery in Pacific City. Food was great, beer was strong:
Having a look around the beach at Pacific City:
A stop off in Tillamook.  We can't get Tillamook ice cream in Reno, so this was quite a treat:
And finally rolled into Cannon Beach:
Cannon Beach at dusk:
A rainy night to camp in Cannon Beach, but not too chilly:
 The famous Haystack Rock on a very rainy dawn:
Having some Afghani food at the Saturday Market back in Eugene:
One more go at some possibly lucky finds over at House of Records:
This was my mom's parents' house in west Eugene:
Back at the hostel, looking over my musical finds and enjoying a local brew:
And now, an abstract piece, which I have entitled "Tom Rush Staring Contest", presented here in four parts:
The world famous Odell Lake in the foreground.  Diamond Peak is obscured by clouds:
The shortest train ever, outside of Klamath Falls:
War of the Worlds IRL, Merrill, Oregon:
Plenty of 60's pop and the best company I could have asked for made for a really therapeutic trip.

Some outtakes and further shenanigans here.

Good times.


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