Wednesday, November 7, 2012

King Krule — Rock Bottom b/w Octopus

How appropriate is a new King Krule single at this venture?

Seemingly so well-timed, it's scary.

Because, these, my friends, are not only Mr. Marshall's finest works to date, these two songs have made this year worth tolerating.

Elections, job changes, a constant onslaught of unsureness.

And yet, here's a teenager to make me feel better about everything.

I was teetering on it when he released his self-titled EP about a year ago, but now I'm absolutely sure of it: Archy Marshall is on the cusp of the next wave of British music.

His jangly guitar tone screams classicist, yet his purposely out of tune baritone voice says amateur. His romantic riffs conjure tradition, yet his starkly real observations of the world as a young man with no prospects hit quickly and effectively.

I mean, jeez, the a-side here is a jangle song that uses the now unimpeachable 'Amen Brother' break while our narrator ever so passionately implores that we watch him as he "ascends to shame."  Is this not the perfect person to claim the British guitar rock throne?

'Octopus' (the flip) is even better. It's the 'Noose of Jah City' on a bigger budget and it's just pure magic. A mellow soprano sax harmony to close out the final vamp and that's a wrap.

"Everyone's perspective begins to change."

Or at least I hope so.

Because he is the embodiment of all that can be good about music.

And furthermore, proof for the argument that you can practice and practice for as long as you like, but some people are just born with it.

Less than eight minutes in length and easily worth a year's wait.

Almost scary how good it is.


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