Monday, June 13, 2011

Post-Punk Summer (original 2008 mix)

I did this mix three years ago in the midst of horrible wildfires burning all around Reno. Surround by grey smoke, orange sunlight and 90 degree temperatures, I thought these songs accompanied the atmosphere pretty well.


01 Joy Division — Transmission (John Peel Session) (1979)
02 Throwing Muses — And a She Wolf After the War (Doghouse Cassette demo) (1985)
03 The Sound — Hothouse (John Peel Session) (1981)
04 Modern English — The Prize (1982)
05 The Comsat Angels — Independence Day (1980)
06 Translator — Nothing is Saving Me (1982)
07 For Against — Shine (1986)
08 Tones on Tail — Burning Skies (1983)
09 The Chameleons — Swampthing (live) (1987)
10 Sonic Youth — I Dreamed I Dream (1982)
11 The Psychedelic Furs — All of this and Nothing (1981)
12 The Cure — A Chain of Flowers (1987)
13 The Go-Betweens — Twin Layers of Lightning (1986)
14 The Durutti Column — Bordeaux (1983)
15 The Jesus and Mary Chain — On the Wall (demo) (1987)

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Philip Sober said...

would love it if you have time to make some new mixes. i dled this in '08 from sound circuit. still listening!

Austin said...

Hey man—

Wow, Soundcircuit! Talk about a blast from the past! It seems like another lifetime!

I did do a lesser heard part two to this mix (I believe I only posted the links on okayplayer), but I'm not now, and have never been, wholly happy with it.

Maybe a proper volume two will pop up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, but absolutely no promises.

Thanks for dropping by!