Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trembling Blue Stars Live

Hey kids—

As you are all probably well aware by now, I am a ridiculously big Bob Wratten fan. I've clamored to see the man live for at least five years now. But the problem is some twats booed him or something on his last tour and he figured that playing live was not worth his time.


I was not astute enough to catch him on his last venture along the west coast in 2002, so this is just about as close as I'll get: A thirty minute solo acoustic audience recording from 14 November of 2002 at a place called the Co-op (presumably on or around the UCLA campus): download here.

This incredibly cool person uploaded video of the set on YouTube and I have ripped the the audio from there as a zip file.

Do enjoy. Because it is quite revelatory for me.


PS — Please advise if there are any issues with posting this audio and I will delete all links and files immediately. I only share because I do believe the man is genius and needs to be heard in this setting more often.


eyeone | sh said...

Hey there! Thanks for posting the audio to my vids. I'll be posting some more as time permits. Got Aberdeen and a few more from Trembling Blue Stars. Thx!

Austin said...

No, thank YOU for posting the videos!

And thanks for stopping by!