Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food: Grilled Ahi tuna steaks with grilled fennel and red leaf salad (again)

I'm actually surprised at how well this one turned out.

For the tuna, we I just covered each side in salt and pepper and a nice slathering layer of canola oil. The fennel was given an equally liberal brushing of the same oil and a pinch of salt. About three-to-five minutes on each side of the tuna and about eight-to-ten on each side of the fennel stalks; and all of that atop Trader Joe's all hardwood briquettes.

Also did some grilled tofu (marinated in sesame oil) and beets (drizzled with olive oil and wrapped in foil) for a later date — grilled veggies keep surprisingly well.

A little more of a breeze tonight, but another Old Rasputin kept me company.

Overall, [EDIT] and I both agreed that this is the best meal we've conjured up in some time.


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