Saturday, August 1, 2009

Man, spinning records at weddings is fun.

Had a good experience tonight.

I don't really DJ out anymore but an old friend asked if I would DJ his wedding reception and I accepted on the condition that I would only play what he and his bride wanted to hear.

Thankfully, this meant no 'Good Times,' no 'Ain't No Stoppin Us Now,' no 'We Are Family' and no fucking 'Celebrate.'

Got to play stuff like 'I Can't Next to You' (Temps version), 'Blue Monday,' 'I Want You,' 'Tired of Being Alone,' TWO T-Rex songs (*ahem*fuckyeah!*ahem*), Kinks' 'Picture Book,' 'Just Like Heaven' and a ton of big band stuff (filled the dance floor with those joints).

Granted, it was mostly folks like me (uhhmm.... *cough*white*cough*), but it was just a good vibe. Despite the early evening rain (and yes, it was an outside reception).

I don't care what any DJ says, weddings are fun events to play at.


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