Monday, August 31, 2009

Food: Grilled chicken and veggies with red leaf salad

I used some lump hardwood for my coals this time, instead of briquettes. They take a bit longer to get hot, but they stay quite hot for a long time.

Fennel, white onion and russet potato were all drizzled and rubbed with canola oil and grilled for about six minutes on either side. After the potatoes were done, I opted to throw some Sriracha on the side and some freshly cut chives on top. I overcooked the veggies the other night (hence, no photo) so I was careful to keep turning and make sure everything was getting done, but not too done.

The chicken was just a couple of organic free range breasts, rubbed with Spice Hunter's Seafood Grill Shaker and a bit of extra salt. About five minutes on either side and done.

Red leaf salad with chopped hothouse tomatoes and mozzarella cheese chunks.

And when I went out to scrape the grill and wrap things up, I saw this nice view of the moon through the neighbor's tree...

Oh my, am I ever full and happy.


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