Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food: Grilled salmon with grilled veggies and spring rolls

Oh man, this was tasty.

The salmon was handled the same way as the tuna from the other night in regards to pre-grill prep. Used up the leftover fennel from the other night and we just had half a yellow onion that needed to be used. Those were just brushed with canola oil and salt; the onion was rubbed with powdered ginger. The broccoli was drizzled with sesame oil, Bragg's liquid aminos, black and cayenne peppers and wrapped in foil. All of that, once again, atop Trader Joe's all hardwood coals.

The spring rolls were wonderfully assembled by [EDIT] from what we had leftover in the fridge of the grilled tofu from the other night, rice noodles, some red leaf lettuce and cilantro. Here's what it looked like before assembling:

Good stuff all around, for what essentially was an improvised meal.

Be careful of that Sriracha hot sauce though. I dipped my spring rolls in it and was like this for a half hour afterwords:

I'm thinking fennel and fish is pretty much my new favorite thing.


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